Congratulations to all members as we were able to sell out all tickets by the start of the drawing at 4:00.
It was looking kind of tough to do as we still had about 70 tickets to sell as of Tuesday.  Great job by Veronica again to chair this year's event, next year let's try to sell out sooner, so we can reduce all our anxiety levels.  These funds are earmarked for our Elf Program to help some of the less fortunate experience the Magic of Christmas with their families.  Below is a list of this years winners:
Tix 62      Jane Ramos & Vanessa Clark sold by Debbie Edgecomb
Tix 88      ET Shields sold by Tony Angona
Tix 267    Toni Connolly sold by Veronica
Tix 25      Laura Pezik sold by Irene Mitchell
Tix 75      Mary Hammet sold by Tom Morrissey
Tix 63      FR Butcher sold by Elaine
Tix 119    Rob Frandsen sold by Diamond
Tix 109    Gerri Tomlinson sold by Gerri
Tix 246    Autumn Goodheart sold by Veronica
Tix 39      Heather Scanlon Wrecking Crew sold by Heather
Tix 28     Dasti, Murphy, McGuckin, et als sold by Bob Ulaky
Tix 278   Peggy Sue Juliano sold by Veronica
Tix 248   James Chirelli sold by Tom McGillick
Tix 297   John Downing sold by Veronica
Tix 61    Board Office consisting of Superintendent Craig Wigley, Asst. Super Vanessa Clark & Board Sec Patrick DeGeorge sold by Debbie Edgecomb
Thank you to all the Rotarians for again making this event a success.
At the time of the event we had 6 unsold tixs and thanks for Dr. Tom and Alicia for raising enough funds to cover those tickets.