Sunday evening we held our Annual Autumn Windfall Raffle Fundraiser.  Thank you to all that purchased tickets and attended our fundraising event at the Captains Inn.  Below is a list of this year's winners:


Tix 154 Skip Peters

Tix 166 Maria-Elena Sodeikes (Southern Ocean club)

Tix 174 Clair Bottone (William's Mother in Law)

Tix 198 Judy Ryan

Tix 220 Patrick Ganley & Chris Cornelius



Tix 82  The Kitchen Crew at the Captain's Inn

Tix 185 Charles Henninger

Tix 04  Brian Ingram  

Tix 85  Debbie Edgecomb - the last one pulled before the big one



Tix 236 Patrick Meehan - sold by Bob Ulaky


Great turnout - great event! 


Thanks to all that support our club, and especially thanks to Ticket Sales Chair- Drew Ritchie for handling the tickets this year.  He did a fantastic job.