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Gems in Lacey- Our club had the honor to celebrate a 102nd birthday of a local resident and author speak at our Luncheon Meeting yesterday. Our speaker was Agnes Negra and her son Ron Negra. As a young bride and mother living in Massachusetts, with her husband deployed in Occupied Germany during World War II, she learned how to use a shortwave radio. She was able access to German radio broadcasts, which would give the names and town or city of 5 captured U.S. Soldiers each night. Agnes would write down the names of the captured soldiers and address a postcard to their name only knowing their name, city or town to try and keep other families learn of the fate of their loved one fighting in the war. Many of the captured families, wrote back to Agnes, thanking her for letting them know of their family members' fate during the war. One day her son Ron was visiting his mom, and found the box of response letters to Agnes. Ron couldn't believe what he found, and he and his mom decided her story should be told. You can read all about the letters and responses in their book- " Waves of Hope". Pictured is Agnes and Club Secretary Linda Kostrowski, who was instrumental in having Agnes and her son attend our meeting to tell their story. Also pictured is our Club President Heather Scanlon holding a copy of their book. If anyone would like a copy please contact your favorite Forked River Rotarian.