All the Elves in our club began about a month or two ago putting together their plan to host our Annual ELF Gift Distribution. Last Friday, one of our Elf Groups began shopping and purchasing items at the Five Below in Manahawkin to stock our shelves for Saturday's gift distribution.   With the assistance of the LTHS Interact Club Elves and Member Elves we will complete our shopping at the local Walmart this Friday.  All the items that we purchased will be set up as a store for local Moms and Dads who are in need of assistance to actually do a little shopping for their children and spread some Christmas cheer.  This program is funded by the different fundraising events that our club holds throughout the year.  Thank you to all the people in our community that have supported our club's efforts, without your donations and support an event like this wouldn't be possible.
                              CDSTech - Grade 3