The Rotary Club of Forked River has started selling tickets for the Annual Autumn Windfall Reverse Raffle Fundraiser.  To purchase a ticket the donation is a $100- Entry.  This ticket includes entry in the 50/50 raffle along with an invitation to attend The Autumn Windfall event at Captains Inn on October 27, 2019 where there will be an open bar  and hors d'oeuvres.  
This is a Reverse Raffle, you want to be the last ticket drawn to win $8000 Grand Prize - Only 250 Tickets being sold! There will be 10 winning tickets selected!

​Prizes are as follows: if all tickets sold:

1st Ticket Drawn-$100, 5oth Ticket Drawn-$100, 100th Ticket Drawn-$100, 150th Ticket Drawn-$100, 200th Ticket Drawn-$100, 246th Ticket Drawn-$1000, 247th Ticket Drawn- $1000, 248th Ticket Drawn-$1000, 249th Ticket Drawn-$1000, 250th- Last Ticket- $8000 Grand Prize

Event proceeds benefit Rotary Charities.