On Saturday, November 5th, Rotarians and our family members, co-workers and friends from all over District 7500 will come together for a fun, hands-on service project to pack 60,000 meals in a single day. These meals will then be shipped off to impoverished people who cannot count on having a nutritious meal—typically, children in orphanages. And the cost? Just 29 cents a meal! You can see how a typical meal packing project works by viewing the short YouTube video on this link:
You can also sign up to volunteer at the above link

Here are some frequently-asked questions:
• Is there an age limit for volunteers to pack the meals? Yes: from 5 to 105!
• Can I sign up for both shifts? Yes.
• Can I spread the word about my participation on Facebook? Yes.
• What about bringing young people? Great idea! Bring scouts and we’ll give them a patch. Or invite kids needing confirmation hours or National Honor Society service time. And what a perfect Interact Club activity!
• How many people do you need for each shift? From 40 to 80, depending on how many total meals we’ll be packing.
• What’s in the meal packets? Rice, soy, dried vegetables, and a packet of 23 essential vitamins donated by Kraft Heinz.
• Where will our meals go? We can’t give you that location today, because it depends where
the greatest need is in November. But they will go to children in orphanages in one of 47 countries around the world where Stop Hunger Now has a field presence.

If you have questions, contact one of your county coordinators:

• District Chair: DGE Diane Rotondelli (drotondelli@optonline.net)

• Ocean County Co-Chairs: Maureen Raso (mk1025@comcast.net) and Heidi Tabor (tabheidi@gmail.com)